David Burns

David is a London-based script writer, composer and film producer. He trained originally as an Architect, before changing careers and becoming a professional composer, eventually leaving Architecture in 1988 to write jingles and music for TV. In the early nineties, he trained as a commercials producer under Jon Staton, who having been Head of Television for 14 years at Saatchi’s in London, had set up his own production company.

In 2002, David left to set up Eden Films to make features. His first movie, the romantic comedy, Making Waves, starred Craig Henderson, Susie Benton and Robert Hardy and was directed by Nicolas van Pallandt. Distribution by Sony Pictures. His second film, Tracker, starred Ray Winstone and Temuera Morrison and was Directed by British action director, Ian Sharp (Who Dares Wins) with distribution in America by Lionsgate. Alongside Tomb Raider Remastered, David is currently developing two features (Politics, a John le Carré-style thriller; and War Criminal, the true story of a Nazi who was captured after 50 years on the run and prosecuted in London in 1999.)